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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Beach Week?

Beach Week is a Christ-centered youth camp for high school students. It includes engaging worship, learning through sound biblical teaching, a great opportunity to build relationships with fellow believers and all at the beach!

What is the goal of Beach Week?

Our main goal is life-change centered around Jesus Christ and God’s Word. When people encounter Jesus, they walk away changed. We hope that this week gives each student a time to consider the spiritual component of their life. Overall, we want students to leave with new friendships, fun memories, and a closer relationship with Jesus Christ. 


Where is Beach Week held?

This summer camp is held at the Laguna Beach Christian Retreat Center in Panama City Beach, Florida. You can check out their website at

Are there things for purchase at Beach Week?

Yes. The facility where we are staying has a coffee shop, snack shop, and ice cream shop. These are all optional but many students enjoy taking advantage of these shops. Water will always be accessible and free. All Beach Week merch is pre-order only and must be purchased by May 31st.


What if my student has food allergies?

Each student is required to have a camp release form completed and signed by a parent/guardian. On this form there is a place to indicate any food allergies that a student may have.

Is there a camp nurse?

Yes. We have a registered nurse on campus and available 24 hours a day for the entire week. 


What does my student need to bring to Beach Week?

The Basic List:

  • Bible + Notebook + Pen

  • Bedding for twin sized bunk (Linens & towels are not provided)

  • Pillow

  • Towels

  • Clothes for the beach, outside activities, & worship services

  • Sunscreen

  • Toiletries

*For more details on what to bring, including clothing guidelines, please contact your Student Pastor*

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